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Delivering a unique experience to each utility

Real-time Visualization

Powerley includes an advanced visualization engine providing end users real-time energy data that drives savings. Powerley combines engaging imagery and context rich, real-time data to keep customers participating in their home energy consumption.

  • Fastest real-time data from AMI Meter via the Powerley Energy Bridge.
  • 24-Hour Energy Clock provides high resolution energy pattern visualization.
  • Disaggregation provides understanding of how individual appliances drive aggregate usage in the home.
  • Energy budget tracking and comparisons help customers save.
  • Weather overlays enable users to see how weather affects their consumption.
  • Historical energy data facilitates goal setting and demonstrates success over time.

Engagement Engine

The Powerley Platform provides sustained user engagement through industry-leading behavioral psychology research. It combines energy data analytics, personalized coaching, social mechanics and reward mechanisms and motivates customers to take ownership of their energy-reduction behavior.

Energy Tips & Projects

Provide suggestions to improve energy consumption based on cost and projected impact on usage.

Challenges & Rewards

Set goals, track consumption patterns, and attempt to reach usage milestones to drive energy savings.

Notifications & Alerts

Alert end users of energy spikes and other time sensitive information to drive engagement and retention.

Home Control & Automation

The Powerley Energy Bridge is the perfect hub for centralized home automation. Consumers can manage their homes with a reliable, secure and powerful device that incorporates real-time energy insight to provide context and intelligence.

  • The Powerley Energy Bridge contains key smart home protocols (ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Thread) to communicate with the majority of connected home solutions.
  • End users control connected devices (thermostats, lights, plugs and more) via the smartphone app.
  • With knowledge of real-time energy usage, time of use rates and user-provided targets, platform can automatically identify optimal setpoints.

Intelligent Energy Coach

Powerley's energy coach provides users with personalized, actionable tips to optimize their home energy consumption. With the ability to learn and build on user behavior, the energy coach can drive up engagement and retention to deliver energy savings.

  • Utilizes Powerley's multi-pronged disaggregation strategy that incorporates connected hardware devices, machine learning software, and third party data inputs to provide information that is both highly accurate and actionable.
  • Incorporates environmental elements, including weather forecasts, to proactively recommend changes in device usage.
  • Builds on past usage to detect behavioral changes in the home and recommends optimizations.

Appliance Health Monitoring

Appliance health monitoring identifies problems before they occur. Appliance health reports provide insight on appliance performance over time, and connected sensors can notify users of potential catastrophic events and allow the user to take action to prevent.

  • The platform evaluates device performance based on a number of factors, including how the device is performing over time and against how the device is expected to perform.
  • Connected sensors can provide alerts to users of potential issues, monitoring key events within the home like the presence of water or smoke where it shouldn't be, and help the user prevent major issues.


Quantify energy consumption in watts and the cost of any device with a power cord by using an iPhone and Powerley's patented PowerScan tool. PowerScan reads the magnetic field created by the power cord using the phone’s magnetometer to quantify the current, and uses an algorithm to calculate the cost of operating the appliance on a monthly basis. The unique tool enables users to understand their energy usage and inspires energy savings behavior.

Demand Response

By enabling advanced demand response, end users can control their participation in peak demand events and utilities can precisely determine the savings they need, ensuring they meet that targeted savings. Motivate behavior change with incentives and prompt participation directly in the app.

  • Make users a part of the decision-making process by prompting users in advance to inquire if they want to participate in an upcoming event.
  • Create a closed-loop feedback system where utilities can ascertain exactly how much energy was saved via peak load management events.
  • Leverage knowledge of connected devices to optimally recommend changes to setpoints to meet the necessary load shed.

Auto Bind

Installing the Powerley Energy Bridge is easy. Leveraging auto-bind enables one-button installation by the end user. Connected over ZigBee's Smart Energy Profile, auto bind technology safely and securely communicates information between the bridge and the smart meter.

Ready to Power Up True Home Energy Management?