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Designed with rapid utility integration in mind

Utility Integration

Created in collaboration between DTE Energy and Vectorform, Powerley's suite of virtualized services is designed for rapid implementation. Powerley's Platform is easily customized for the participating utility with a seamless adoption period that includes market evaluation and full IT implementation. Utilities take ownership of a fully developed home energy management platform through their existing infrastructure.


Powerley minimizes the tension between function and privacy by keeping the personally identifiable information (PII) behind the utility firewall and on the user's mobile device. By eliminating the need to store PII in the cloud, the utility doesn't have to sacrifice features for the end user to receive maximum privacy.

Technical Process

The demonstration period provides the utility with an opportunity to observe the end user response to the Powerley Platform without a significant capital investment up front. At the conclusion of this in-market evaluation, utilities will have confidence in the Powerley technology and full implementation can begin.

Utility User Credentials

The app embraces being a utility-driven experience, by utilizing the user's secure utility login credentials. Rather than creating yet another login, the Powerley integration process includes a link to the utility's backend identity services, allowing the user to authenticate to the app via the utility account information.

Auto-Bind to the Smart Meter

This innovative technology makes the Powerley Energy Bridge set-up process quick and easy for end users, minimizing time spent on installation. With the backend services integration, Powerley can find the Energy Bridge on the network, retrieve the AMI meter from the user's account, open the meter up for binding and connect the two to facilitate real-time energy usage.

Historical Usage Context

Real-time energy information is valuable to learn more about how your home uses energy, and how individual devices can impact that usage. To provide the proper context, Powerley incorporates past usage to allow the user to see how their performance compares to prior time periods, and set targets to improve as soon as the Powerley Energy Bridge is connected.

Ready to Power Up True Home Energy Management?