Bridging the Smart Grid to the Smart Home

We're reshaping the role of the utility by engaging the customer in a new experience with energy.

Built for utilities by utilities

Born from the energy industry, Powerley is focused on the opportunities and obstacles that energy providers face today. Strengthening customer relationships while protecting data from disruptors. Empowering customers that need extra assistance with tools to reduce their bill. Helping regulators embrace the impact of innovation. And, ensuring grid-grade reliability at every touchpoint.

Through our utility partnerships, Powerley is the most widely deployed home energy management solution in the world today.

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Turning energy into intelligence

Energy data is fuel for a smarter world. By tapping into real-time energy data, Powerley is helping our utility partners turn electricity into intelligence. We have created an energy-aware home that can automatically alert us when we're wasting energy, help us tune-in to time-of-use rates; and inform us when appliances need attention while providing peace of mind while we're away.

At 99.8% accuracy, Powerley has the most precise device disaggregation in the industry.

Bridging the smart grid to the smart home

Energy management is an essential element of the smart home, yet it's missing today. Powerley is filling this gap - helping utilities lead their customers in creating smarter, more efficient homes. Turning these connections into daily conversations that are reshaping the role of the utility, deepening customer loyalty and driving up engagement.

Powerley users engage 494 times a year on average - over 30 times more than with their utility today.

From interactions to impacts

Our utility partners have tallied millions of interactions with customers. More importantly, we have turned these interactions into impacts that help utilities grow and compete. Raising energy efficiency to new heights. Creating a DR experience that extends beyond HVAC to any connected load in the home. Integrating DER into the smart home and the smart grid. And, unlocking new revenue streams through value-add services.

Every one of Powerley's utility partners is monetizing energy management today.

Make a connection—better yet, make millions.

See how to bridge the smart grid to the smart home.

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