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Building the Next Generation of Home Energy Management

Our Mission

To connect the smart grid to the smart home with the only utility led Home Energy Management Solution developed for utilities worldwide.

Our Story

Every home needs energy. Every smart home needs energy management. By blending home energy management with home automation, Powerley has created a smarter home.

We have created a connection to the home that nobody else has. Powerley provides a real-time window into energy usage – for your home and for every connected appliance and device within it. By developing a constant connection with your energy, we have created an entirely new connected home experience.

You don’t need ten different apps for every connected bulb, switch, appliance and camera in your home. You only need one - the one that allows you to manage your energy and your home. Via Powerley, all your smart devices work harmoniously together to deliver a personalized experience that is enriched with true energy insight.

Bridging the smart home to the smart grid is no small feat. Our solution was built hand-in-hand with energy utilities, the industry that powers our daily lives – stretching from energy plants to the light bulbs in your home. Through the utilities, your home is already connected. Powerley just adds the extra ingredients to make it intelligent.

Together, Powerley and energy utilities are blazing a new trail to a smarter home. More than a product, Powerley is a partner. We’re driving new levels of energy efficiency and customer engagement while building new utility business models. Move faster with a turnkey utility-tested platform, and move smarter with data and insights that strengthen your business and your customer relationships.

Join Our Team

We’d love to work with a creative and talented person such as you! Check out our open postions. You just might be the perfect fit